About Us

The Coffee Arsenal is a website created with the purpose of helping people find their ideal coffee gear as soon as possible.

The idea of creating this website was born out of a necessity. Nowadays there are hundreds of products to brew coffee, hundreds of machines with different methods and technologies.

However, not all people are able to understand these technologies, which can be very frustrating.

This is the need that I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago.

The need to be able to find a good coffee machine, simple and easy to use, that suits your needs, without spending hours and hours researching technical stuff.

My name is Leandro Santorsola, and I am the founder of The Coffee Arsenal.

Leandro Santorsola, founder of The Coffee Arsenal next to a Rancilio coffee machine in the Caracas Quiere Café event.
Yup! That’s me next to a Rancilio coffee machine when I visited Caracas Quiere Café. One of the most important coffee events in Venezuela.

As I said before, I have developed this website with the purpose of helping people find their ideal coffee equipment in the easiest and most practical way possible through guides, reviews, and comparisons.

I am currently a digital marketing professional and a coffee aficionado.

I was born in Venezuela, a country that is part of Latin America and we all know that Latin America is a continent rich in coffee culture.

I have tasted hundreds of coffee beans of all kinds and every day I feel more passionate about this world.

All content on this website is the result of countless hours of effort and dedication. All products that have been reviewed by our team have been carefully analyzed and compared to other products in a similar category.

Therefore, you can be sure that you will make a good purchase if you decide to buy a coffee maker that The Coffee Arsenal recommends.

Thank you very much for reading this page.

See you in one of our guides!

Leandro Santorsola
Founder of The Coffee Arsenal